About Gary Lee Todd, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy & British and American History, Sias International University, Xinzheng, Henan, China (http://www.sias.edu.cn)
  • Ph.D. in History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • M.A. in History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • M.Ed. in Counseling, Millersville University of Pennsylvania.
  • Certification in Secondary Social Studies, University of Minnesota, Duluth.
  • B.A. in Philosophy, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • From Sias website: “A distinguished professor for more than 25 years including teaching posts at the University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University, and Sichuan College of Education (Chengdu, China).”
  • Author, Henan: Focal Point of Chinese History (Henan University Press, Dec. 2012).
  • Working on 8 projected books in Antiquities of China series to be published by Henan University Press.
  • Published articles on various historical topics as well as two textbooks on American history.
  • Author of historical portions of text, Speaking Beautiful English, Book I & Book II.
  • Traveled extensively throughout China, western Europe, Mexico, Guatemala and Egypt and has previously lived in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines.
  • Married to Rosaminda (Amy) Estrebilla Todd of General Santos City, Philippines, housing coordinator and English teacher at Sias University.
  • Available for consulting, lectures on Chinese history or archaeology, or visiting professorships during the lengthy winter and summer breaks.
  • GaryLeeTodd@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “About Gary Lee Todd, Ph.D.

  1. I have a dilemma. I have a piece of “something” that I obviously have no idea what it is. I was told many years ago it was a “pi ring” and went on a rope tie of a chinese robe. May I email you a picture in hopes that you are able to identify what this item is?
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Kindest Regards,
    Janice Moree

  2. Dear Dr. Todd,

    This semester I taught a new course called “Archaeology of East Asia.” Your wonderful photo collections have been an immense help with providing images of artifacts for my lectures. Since I have never been to Korea, your photos from the National Museum in Seoul were especially helpful. I’m very grateful to you for the time you have spent in taking the photos and making them available to everyone. They are an outstanding resource to anyone who teaches Asian history and culture. Through a listserv that I own, I have also alerted other scholars of pre-modern Chinese history to your valuable photo collections. Thanks again for your hard work and willingness to share.

    • Thanks for your comments. Please feel free to share these photos with anyone. I just added the Tokyo National Museum which has an impressive gallery on Japanese Archaeology. I am also working on creating a wiki-type database which would link eventually to all sorts of historical photos. Since I do all this in my alleged spare time, this project will probably have to wait until summer.

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