The Photo Albums: Heart of This Website

In 2013 I uploaded all my photos to Flickr. Flickr offers one terabyte of storage for free, which means all my photos are now posted at full resolution. I have over 122,000 photos placed there. These are all arranged by category, i.e., China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Europe, Egypt, Mesoamerica, United States, etc., and many collections have sub-collections:

They can also be accessed in the order I posted the albums beginning with the latest and moving to the first with a highlighted image for each album. It’s a good visual way of viewing the entire photo collection:

Most of my photos now have captions, but there is always the possibility I have made mistakes. I welcome corrections and additions. I have kept my photos on Picasaweb as well, though they are mostly of a lower resolution. I no longer post photos there, but still have 342 albums and 86,000 photos hosted there. This link will take you to all my albums on Picasaweb:

Please inform me of any problems or needed corrections.


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