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In 2013 I uploaded all my photos to Flickr. Flickr offers one terabyte of storage for free, which means all my photos are now posted at full resolution. I have over 148,000 photos placed there. These are all arranged by category, i.e., China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Egypt, Mesoamerica, London, Athens, Paris, Berlin, Romania, United States, etc., and many collections have sub-collections.

They are all indexed on my new website:  www.WorldHistoryPics.com. Every photo is posted there at FULL resolution and may be used by anybody for any sort of historical or educational purpose without charge. Alternatively, all the photo collections may be seen at:


Most of my photos now have captions, but there is always the possibility I have made mistakes. I welcome corrections and additions. You can add comments to each photo.

Please inform me of any problems or needed corrections.

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